Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry For Not Writing

Wow, today is Thursday, where did the week go? I'm sorry I've not written in a few day, just haven't felt to well. Anybody that knows me, knows that if I don't play with clay then I must not feel good. Yesterday I didn't even touch a piece of clay. But you know, I think sometime even if you are feeling well it is best to take a break from it, so you don't get burned out. Well, I hope all of you have felt good this week and got alot made. Tell me what have you made?

I've spend a large part of today checking out other blogs. If you haven't done that then you should. There are some interesting blogs out there. I personally like the ones that have tutorials on them. If you haven't yet, then you need to go to Alice Stroppel's blog,, it is great. Go to her tab that says video tutorials and she has several there that are free to view. She does a great job on them and they are very educational, especially to someone like me who is still learning.

I've made a couple of little things today but nothing to really brag about, not yet anyways. I'm still not feeling a hundred percent better but I do have a Dr. appointment next week. So don't worry about me. Just in case I don't get to write tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great weekend and no matter your craft, make something pretty.

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Dana, oh my gosh, how nice of you to highlight my blog. My whole goal was to share things I've learned over the years with new clayers. I've learned so much from others on the internet and I just want to give back a little. To Pass it forward. I'm glad you enjoyed my videos and maybe learned something you didn't already know. Thanks so much.

  2. I hope you feel better very soon...the clay is calling you ......

  3. Thank you Alice for giving us those videos. You are a special lady. Thank you, I will feel better soon, I'm sure. Clay has been calling, I've just been ignoring the last couple of days did do a little today.