Saturday, September 4, 2010

Been A Busy Day!!

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well this evening. My morning started with momma dog needing to go potty at 1:30am, then twice I was awaken by the babies crying because they scooted out of the bed. I've now took them out of their bed and put them on a pallet, which is in my closet. That's were momma feels the most comfy with the babies. Also noticed at 1:30am that one of my other dogs MooMoo wasn't feeling good. I've been up since about 5am this morning. MooMoo and PeeWee both were sick throwing up. What a wonderful way to start your day. BUT, it did get better...

The dogs sleep most of the day, so gave me the time to clay and not clean up after them. I learned how to do the Rose Cane yesterday, FINALLY!! I didn't think I would ever learn that thing. If you are having trouble with the tutorials, go to, it is a great tutorial. So, since I finally had the rose cane down of course I had to learn how to do a leaf cane. What is it with me and these canes? Well, after trying all day long, I Finally got it too. I feel I made real accomplishments the last two days. I'm so proud of myself. Trust me I asked some of my clay friends alot of questions along the way. Thank you Andrea, Mary Kaye, Dawna and Dora.

Hope you are having a fun and relaxing holiday weekend and don't forget to clay.

Until Tomorrow,

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